Diamond Grinding & Polishing
Concrete grinders and polishers are used when renovating or repairing large sections of cement flooring. Grinding the floor down to a smooth surface will adequately prepare the floor for concrete densifiers or other compounds that will seal and protect its surface. This prevents further damage to the floor and keeps moisture from seeping in and causing deterioration. Polishers maintain the floor's smooth surface. Polishing on a regular basis keeps the floor's shine high and vibrant, allowing reflected light to illuminate hard to reach areas. Keeping floors clean and free of debris also helps them to keep their shine and enhance their look.

xtreme polishing concrete
Concrete Polishing
Polished concrete is a GREEN products that will reward your projects with a higher numbers of LEED Certification Points when specified as a finished floor. It also has low installation and maintenance cost, High durability, Polished concrete considered by the National Flooring Association to be a high traction floor that performs even better wet, Abrasion resistant, and Fire resistant, Meets or exceeds all ADA and OSHA requirements.